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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  May 2, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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>> good afternoon, everybody, i'm larry beil >> a passing grade is not enough. those words from congressman eric swalwell he sits on the house homeland security committee. >> swalwell wants better security installed after this teenager show wade on a plane there and flew to hawaii. abc7 is live at the airport with more. david? >> there aren't enough eyes to keep an lookout the congressman
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says, saying it was the fifth breech of security at u.s. airports in five years. sky 7 hd was overhead the congressman was focusing on the fencing that surrounds the facility, accompanied by staff and two police officers. afterwards, swalwell told reporters more needs to be done. >> san jose met standards that tsa set for them. i don't accept that those protect passengers. >> swalwell says it's still a mystery how the show away breeched security. no video shows him jumping a fence. if that is to be believed swalwell, who sits on the house homeland security committee, wants this airport to be among a small group to test new kinds of security technologies >> we have looked at a number of them already. they include everything from
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radar, flydar, as well as surveillance cameras that can detect motion. >> the key will be finding technology, he says that isn't set off by birds or animals he's concerned about costs, not convinced higher fences will impede intrusion he did disclose plans to add surveillance cameras. >> having an airport this large and only having a small number police officers assigned to this airport and a small number of people able to watch the cameras that do not cover 100% of the airport is not enough. >> passengers agree technology could be the solution. >> it's f.they can spy on everyone around the world they should be able to watch the airport. >> in san jose, abc7 news >> san jose police believe this man stabbed a mother of three to death this week. detectives say he and the victims did not each other.
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he is in jail. the victim died after being stabbed inside of an apartment in east san jose on tuesday. neighbors say the 2-year-old had a baby along with young twin daughters. police have not revealed a motive in this killing. >> homeland securitying agents found 81 pounds of marijuana at oakland international airport this morning. tsa officials sent out photos and you can see the bags inside of two suitcases here the passengers identified as a 26-year-old woman was flying to jackson, mississippi via phoenix and dallas she's under arrest. the alameda county sheriff confiscated the pot. >> investigators say it's too early to tell what caused a fire in san francisco's ocean view neighborhood. it severely damaged three homes, injuring three people including a firefighter the blaze broke out just after 6:00 this morning. residents say it was chaos trying to escape the flames.
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>> ended up kicking out the back window. she's okay. she's okay. glad to be alive is it. i ain't worried about the other things. >> the fire chief says the fire spread quickly because a thin shared wall in this structure. neighbors think the fire may have started because of a burning cigarette or a faulty lamp. >> a pit bull mix that attacked a 3-year-old vallejo girl and sent her to the hospital will be euthanized. >> the incident ended when her father fought the dog. amy holyfield with the story. >> just watch her, that is my daughter. >> marcus said he had no choice but to straddle this pit bull and put it hands inside of his mouth.
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>> it latched to her braids trying to pull her, pull away. i put my hand in his mouth. he started going like, trying to attack her. >> the 3-year-old is home from the hospital but have to get treated for gashes to the head >> she has abrasions to the back of her neck. part of her scalp is missing. >> he says her daughter was playing with a neighborhood and the dog was on a long leash with the owner. >> first, he was trying to play with her. that is a large pit bull. you don't let that play with a little kid. my daughter is only three years old >> the owner says the dog is energetic. very playful. >> animal care and control talked to the dog owner who said it was the father's reaction that caused the dog to get aggressi aggressive. >> he tried to put the dog between his legs, the dog reacted to the dad on top of him. that is where likely the bite
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occurred. that is the owner's side of the story. we're investigating. >> galloway says that is ridiculous, the dog had his daughter and he did what any father would do. >> that dog could have messed me up but could have killed her. he wants the dog euthanized and the owner says she will not fight that. >> laura anthony talked to the little girl and the owner of the dog. what they're saying coming up at 5:00. >> sports news, warriors staving off elimination from playoffs last night. a thrilling one-point win over clippers steph curry led all scorer was 24 points. this is a big three-point shot and four-point play. game seven in los angeles. the warriors up front the status of jermaine o'neal. he hyper extended his knee on this play saying only divine
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intervention will keep him out tomorrow night. >> anything short of a guy coming back we're after after. >> it's all or nothing now. >> unfortunately someone is going home. a good team. with a bright future. >> other sports news 49ers extended the contract of alden smith. smith's future was in question. you can say still is. he faces a dui charge and weapons charges from 012. smith on the field has been dominant for the 49ers reporting
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42 sacks >> spencer christian is off. but... we have people on this forecast for us. >> yes. outside here, sea breeze is to the rescue. fog at the coast. temperatures have fallen. take a look at numbers now. winds gusting to 24 miles per hour at sfo. 22 half moon bay. this wind is bringing with it. mount tamalpais showing you the fog. gilroy warm, upper 80s, sunshine
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from our camera. mid-70s in santa rosa and napa. from our camera a lot of cloud cover this evening. fog, high clouds to mid-70s low clouds, fog tomorrow. upper 50s to mid-70s we'll have a look at the weekend in a few minutes. >> thank you. >> and still ahead on abc7 news at 4:00 the group offering free care to local adults and children in an under served neighborhood. >> a golden eagle's return to the wild after an illness took away fathers. >> investigating the reason why season fran's low murder rates just four so far this year. >> approaching 4:ten looking at friday afternoon commute, traffic on the right side of the screen headed towards san
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>> sky 7 over the screen near greenmont drive. police detonated a suspicious device. you can see there is some remnants of sand. let me show you what it looked like. columbus parkway is closed as investigators deal with the situation. no injuries to report. the clean up now just involves picking up left oversand from bags around the device for
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safety. >> an office worker took this, not a good idea. not safe to do. a person did take shelter. tornadoes and wind hit the areas on wednesday. several buildings had damage. the cost of rebuilding is expected to run into millions of dollars. >> that is frightening. >> take a look at this weird weather in minnesota. a wall of ice formed along the coastline. you can see wind is pushing it on shore here into the town of garrison. there is no stopping this. the ice wall measured 20 feet high. >> bizarre. >> many low income children have little access to good dental care. >> ucsf will offer free adult
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and children dental screenings. >> we're surrounded by top notch facilities, dental health is considered poor, especially among low income families >> the need is >> free screenings help promote good dental health. this weekend, ucsf will offer them to children and that is where many fall through cracks. most can't afford it. but the school of dentistry as a sliding scale based on a person's income. >> dental students can provide treatment. and dental residents and faculty. >> as i may one, medical began
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offering dental insurance again to poor adults. according to a report, many low income children in santa clara have dental insurance due to health initiatives but the report says that is not enough. they have to understand how to prevent tooth decay. >> many are exposed to sugars in their diet through fast foods or sodas. sugary drinks it's very important to also educate the parents and the families altogether. >> the ucsf screening takes about 15 minutes. no appointment is necessary. >> they will be at the bay view opera house on third street. >> we know more about the newest
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members of the san jose high-flying peregrine falcon family. >> two a young golden eagle is back in the wild, undergoing treatment for a severe might infestation that left her fatherless and weak and in poor health today researchers released her. it became a team effort between park officials and veterinarians to save bird once realizing how bad infestation was. >> when that crusting is so bad they can't hunt. so because their legs hurt. they lose weight and conditions. they succumb. >> the golden eagle is wearing a
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tiny backpack containing a gps locator. researchers have named it mighty mite. >> had to be invigorating. >> yes. >> hopefully going to produce good signs. right now i want to take you up. showing you what it looks like in vallejo. a beautiful shot there, sunny skies over the hills. we do have some sunshine mixing in with high clouds. we're watching the fog banked up against the coastline going to be with us all weekend long.
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that has allowed our temperatures to come down today. so we're getting relief from the heat we're dealing with. that is driving numbers down. low clouds and fog tonight. cooling trend continues for the weekend. it will turn warmer next week but not a big heat wave. our cooling trend is underway this afternoon. and we're going to see more drop off inland communities. here is a look at the fog pushing in over the bay. tomorrow morning upper
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mid-50s then, 76 los gatos and morgan hill. 71 mountain view. downtown san francisco, south city about the mid-60s. in the north bay upper 50s along the coastline. novato you're going to be into low 70s along with vallejo. 69 in fremont. temperatures back down where they should be at this time of the year. 74 concord. warmest spot into mid to upper 70s. accu-weather forecast cooling down inland toechlt and numbers bottom out. breezy conditions.
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we'll get you back into low 80s inland thursday, friday. but i think the sea breeze is bringing a welcome change. >> yes. >> coming up next, britain's young royals take in memphis royalty. what they're doing in the home of the blues. >> the ♪ they just change boots..
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cary washington has given birth to a baby girl. she and her husband welcomed a daughter last monday april 21st in l.a. this is the first child for both of them. >> prince william and prince harry took a private tour of
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elvis presley's graceland today. >> they're here to celebrate a childhood friend to an heiress of the holiday inn empire. >> the royals getting the rock star treatment state side. princes harry and william in the u.s., harry in miami. the brothers met up in fem mem fis, having dinner at the famous restaurant. the englishman marrying elizabeth wilson. >> it's memphis. she was already royal. >> a royal of sorts in the hospitality world the bride's grandfather is the founder of holiday inn hotels. hotels in memphis are gearing up
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to host some of the guests, the princes are expected to stay at a private home. the celebration reportedly being held at the memphis hunt and polio club, expected to be elegant and fun the groom is known as a partier. >> guy is very much the ring leader of the party scene in london. he's shown harry some of the wildest nights of his life. >> perry was with harris in paris and he was organized prince william's bachelor party. >> he's part of a large friendship group. that william and harry have. it's a inner circle. >> prince william's wife, kate and their son, prince george stayed home following the family's three-week trip to australia and new zealand. >> just ahead on abc7 news at
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4:00, only four homicides so far this year. what is getting credit for this low murder rate. >> also, putting up a united front against violence in ukraine and steps the president is poised to take if russia doesn't back down. >> and concern over a deadly virus first seen in the
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>> the crisis in ukraine is escalating. 30 people died in new clashes in kiev. the president met with german chancellor at the white house. a meeting could determine further sanctions. today the president and german chancellor presented a united front. >> if in fact we see disruptions and the did he stable sayings continuing so severely that it impedes elections on may 25, we will not have a choice but to move forward with additional
4:29 pm
more severe sanctions. >> the sanctions will be unavoidable. >> the violent instability at the top of the agenda for white house meetings germany has much as stake here. it gets one third of the oil and gas from russia. the president says harsher sanctions could be the next step. >> the goal is not to punish russia, but to give them an incentive to choose the better course. >> eastern ukraine has been teetering on the brink for weeks cities and towns falling like dominoes today more than 30 people died in a fire. the blaze sparked by violence. police there said four people were killed in clashes. the president and chancellor said the president is looking
4:30 pm
for a diplomatic solution to this crisis but russia needs to step up. >> rescue efforts underway in afghanistan today officials say 350 dead and 2000. the rest of the village has been evacuated out of here of landslides. >> house speaker john boehner says he plans to establish a select committee to investigate an embassy attack in libya. issa wants to know why e mails were oem mitted from previous administration submissions. four people died in that attack. >> the cdc says a deadly virus
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turned up in the u.s. for the first time. an american in saudi arabia is in the hospital in indiana with the mrs virus. 400 cases have been reported there. the virus has been found in camels officials don't know how it is spreading to humans. >> back in the bay area, only four murders in san francisco. as far as anyone can remember that is a record low. >> there appear to be reasons for the big drop. in oakland there have been 29 murders and san jose, 13 since january. why so low in san francisco? >> you're looking at a brazen gang video.
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so far, this year, san francisco police have seized more than 100 guns many assault rifles from the streets. deputy chief. >> we've done a good job recovering and using video technology, social media. police say there have been four murders compared to last year when there are 11. police say they're focused on violent crimes is another reason for the decline in the murder rate. they're relying on a computer again rated crime-tracking system. special violence reduction units are deployed to the so called red zones. >> we also try can prevent
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continued violence. >> some people came through, shooting. >> some of her friends were killed on the streets. she's enrolled in a job program clark says there are more opportunities now for young adults than before. that, she believes is one reason for the drop in violent crime. >> more city and county jobs. people are more interested to get out to go out ask receive that money. >> there appears to be a closer relationship now among officials and community leaders. >> i believe a look closer, taking a look at the picture is, i believe one of the reasons we're making a difference. >> technically there have been five homicides recorded in san francisco so far this year. one person died in january of complications from the shooting. it happened several years ago. >> we have an update on a story
4:34 pm
that aired in abc7 news last night involving an lgbt student. he's been speaking about acceptance for decades but his participation this year upset the editors at the web site california catholic daily. today, the head of the school says she could have handled it better. >> i feel intentions were good. never to end the relationship with greg. it's my hope he will in fact be able to return. >> the school plans to have him return this year or next year to talk to students. >> a search underway for a ba at
4:35 pm
that timin chief. authorities say orville fleming is the only suspect. family members found douglas's body yesterday morning after spending a night on the town with family members. police say douglas was stabbed pit bull that mauled a 4-year-old boy is serving a life sentence in an jail. a sheriff took the dog in to the facility yesterday a judge declared the pit bull to be vicious but declined to have him euthanized she ordered the dog neutered and defanged and gave an animal rights group 30 days to find a facility to take them. >> this would be the first time that a judge has sentenced a dog to jail. this is a real jail.
4:36 pm
no probation. no parole. no execution. a life sentence. so we're ready to take mickey for how long the dog lives >> the outpouring of support outraged the mother of the 4-year-old she says people have shown more concern for a vicious dog than they have for her own son. kevin suffered bite wounds as well as a broken jaw and injured eye socket. doctors say he has months or years of reconstructive surgeries ahead of him. >> still ahead at 4:00 north bay business may need to relocate because it's too successful. >> first, a senior prom like no other. >> i'm sandhya patel. from our camera, you can see marine layer and the breeze brought temperatures down. we're expecting cooling to continue over the weekend.
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>> right now jam packed in both directions. it's a get away friday but slow going out there. abc7 news at 4:00 continues right after this. ♪ [ barks ] whoo! mmm! ♪ ♪ oh, yeah [ whistling ] [ male announcer ] discover your new orleans. start exploring at [ woman ] and i love new orleans!
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>> it's saturday, at noon! >> that is jordan muller singing with joy. he realized he was alone on a new york subway. so doesn't happen often. he documented his experience.
4:40 pm
>> he's the reason people don't want to ride subways in new york. >> who >> this is funny. the happy anthem just continues to go and go, and take on new direction's cats and dogs. they're happy. the video shot by a dog trainer in australia. is that a cat swimming there? >> yes. >> this cat loves a. >> i school senior being credited for putting the senior in senior prom.
4:41 pm
he took his 89-year-old grandmother to the prom. after learning she did not go to her prom. >> he bought her a necklace and the two shared a dance and he sang to her as well. >> they had pictures taken at the prom. she got to bed later than she usually does, which is 9:00. >> sandhya patel is here with an accu-weather forecast. >> if you have plans this weekend let me show you live doppler 7 hd. showers over boston, new york. 70s in new york. over pacific northwest, rain. dallas, sunshine, 91 degrees.
4:42 pm
65 tahoe. tomorrow afternoon, temperatures running lower inland we're going low 60s to mid-70s. fog near the coast. sun, high clouds for the rest of you. if you're going to the sinko demayo festival, make sure you bundle up in the morning. cloudy skies the breeze will be in. and it's going to be dry. >> sounds great. thank you. >> still ahead on abc7 news at 4:00 why the mother of a 6-year-old california girl calling this police officer an angel. >> too popular for its own good. why north bay business may have to move because it's too successful. >> traveling on a budget doesn't
4:43 pm
mean have you to skimp on luxuries how to score discounts, next.
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breaking news in san jose. a serious car accident here. this is a live picture from sky 7 hd. you can see what is left of the car two people were i
4:46 pm
vehicle. crews trying to do whatever they can to keep the vehicle safe. it's an ugly crash. we'll have an update at 5:00 as well as on twitter. out of skoonmacker beach because it's attracted too many people. those kayaks and paddle board belong to sea trek. it's doing more business than ever before. because of that, landlord wants them out. he pays rent on time he opened up sea trek in sausalito in 1982.
4:47 pm
business didn't start taking off until a couple years ago the company started offing paddle boards. >> it is for a good reason. it's a need thing to do >> perhaps important to the owners of the marina. they're making crowds and parking worse. they're concerns over liability. >> thank god nothing occurred we have concerns that would outweigh benefits now. >> we can figure out how to work to lessen our foot print. >> the trek is working on a back up plan, an area at the foot of locust street. bad news for customers and residents >> as far as a community there are people that love to enjoy water and love to kayak. >> it's a great spot.
4:48 pm
so you can try paddle boarding until you get comfortable. >> how concerned are you of a victim of your own success? >> there is something to be said for that, for sure. a costa mesa police officer is being called an angel from god. rescuing a 4-year-old after she drowned in her father's swimming pool and stopped breathing. after about a minute, she began breathing again. you can see her smiling her. her mom says she's acting like herself she says she cannot thank the officer enough for the care and concern. >> it's great to see. >> yes. >> pinching pennies on a trip can take away from what is supposed to be a relaxing vacation. >> michael finney is here with
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way owes get luxury travel. >> champagne taste, beer budget. >> yes. >> that is what 7 on your side is all about. jason and his wife like luxurious four-star hotels. >> we're looking at going to the big island in hawaii in july. >> they bought a week's stay. they saved 30% off the rate the millers find great deals on membership sites like luxury link and jet setter. fees are free. they just require an e mail. >> it's nerve wracking but experiences have been great.
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>> the deals on these sites only last a few days. to snag a deal shoppers have to act fast. they can expect to save up to 60% off. >> get a offers another unique way to get a deal. >> we have about 0,000 luxury hotels around the world. >> find your best rate call the number on the web site. when you call, ask for unpublished rate. >> auction sites are another place to look bidding for good is the largest site for nonprofit with a travel category. you can find high end homes as well as four star hotels.
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if still looblging, he says august is the best time to go to france. >> europeans don't travel as much to france so it's a great time for americans to go. >> spain and italy on uptick now they want people coming. >> jeff clees says to get the best deal to europe, necessary to buy very early. best time to buy is 330 days of advance of the plight. >> if you buy through an auction site or flash sale you generally can't cancel. >> you have to call and make sure dates are available that you have planned. what is something you have to
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read to find out. >> if you plan to travel to italy air fares to convenientus and rome are going to be high. you can save a few hundred dollars flying into milan. it's cheaper. >> coming up next, bring back our girls >> how the bay area is taking part in a major social media effort to find hundreds of kidnapped girls. >> coming up at 5:00 a simple truck is causing complications in oakland. what collin cappernick is saying
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may is asian pacific hert yiblg month. we're using our feed to showcase around the bay area. . we have more information for you on instagram. >> here is a look at the prime time line up on abc7. shark tank special swimming with the sharks for a look at what happens after the deals are made. then, shark tank at 9:00, 2020
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at 10:00 then join us for abc7 news at 11:00 >> bring back our girls. it's a slogan gaining global traction. this happened two weeks ago and now, nigerians here are getting involved. thousands took to the streets to demand the government do more to bring 234 teen-aged girls home, they were kidnapped by islamic extremists. >> we want it stopped. >> ola hassan is working hard from his san jose office. he wants congressman mike honda to spread the word through washington the u.s. must get
4:57 pm
involved. >> we demand an immediate answer and want an intervention. and want the nigerian government to be accountable. >> few updates are coming from the nigerian government. the campaign is supported by singers pairy jblige and chris brown. the kidnappings are all the customers talk about. >> i don't think nigerian government is doing enough. >> members of the bay area association are planning a protest in newark this saturday. thanks for joining us for abc7 news at 4:00 >> abc7 news at 5:00 begins right now with dan and cheryl. >> a little girl points to where
4:58 pm
a pit bull attacked her. how she's feeling what her father says he did to save her life. >> hook up truck driving around the bay area this weekend you may not believe the service it's going to provide. >> and talk about packing. a big bag bust at sfo. >> temperatures down today. how much cooler for the weekend coming up. >> a 3-year-old girl clings tos to her father's pant legs after a terrible attack if a pit bull. that little girl is home from the hospital this afternoon. good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> she was playing with three girls when an 89 pound pit bull max ran up on them.
4:59 pm
she joins us now from vallejo. laura? >> this is where this attack happened yesterday. her wounds are not serious she did return home here the owner told us she does not believe the animal is violent but is prepared to do what she called the right thing. >> the 3-year-old is home from the hospital after a neighbor's dog, an 89 pound mix mauled her head >> the dog had to run here. her dad was also bitten after pulling the mouth off of his bleeding daughter. iet would have been no problem but the fact that it latched on, won't let go. i damn near had to strangle it. in order for it to let go.
5:00 pm
>> he's never been this way. >> carla says her dog got way for a few seconds by the time she caught up the dog had a hold of the girl's hair. and marcus calloway trying to pull the animal off his daughter. >> he tried to pry his mouth away from, the dog clamped down again. >> she has lacerations to the neck. her scalp was torn. luckily the dog didn't get a hold of the ear. >> he's a loving dog. >> she doesn't think blue is vicious, scott decided to have him put down. >> any dog, once tasting blood you have to put them down. because they're unpredictable. >> anything you want to say to people? let them know you're okay? >> she has some


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